Guided Self Help intervention designed to be delivered via digital technology

You can gain access to our online platform:

  • from anywhere;
  • on any device that has an internet connection, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Resources are easy-to-use at a time and in a space of your choice;
  • through LIVE webinar contact where a qualified Guide provides calendared support;
  • via a client profile with a unique client log-in.


Guided self-help resources have been digitised into an interactive, modular workbook with instructions, video, audio and free text for responses.

There are notes pages at the end of the manual that clients can use to write questions to be discussed with their Guide during each appointment.

The Workbook tasks will be referred to within each session hosted by the Guide.


Clients are encouraged to personalise and own their client profile and materials.

They can:

  • Customise their client profile
  • Change their client profile header image
  • Complete the activities through the workbook
  • Access the LIVE intervention feature via the Dashboard


Clients can use their Scrapbook area to:

  • Upload audio, video and pictures
  • Upload documents creating a food diary
  • Document events
  • Create a wellness area for reflection


Guides will organise and host up to 7 secure LIVE webinars over a 3-month period.

This will enable clients to work through and reflect upon the programme.

Sessions can be attended online through Zoom, Microsoft Team or telephone. Guides will arrange appointments suitable to the client for their online sessions and provide links to attend the session by email.

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