Most people can and do recover from eating disorders

Finding the right support is the first step in the journey to recovery. Anyone concerned about an eating disorder should talk to your GP or contact Bodywhys.

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My Transitions

The HSE has partnered with MyTransitions to roll out a new Digital Mental Health service nationally to support those working to overcome eating difficulties. Accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or computer the evidence based online guided self-help programme is free and delivered through a secure online platform with a dedicated qualified guide.

The MyTransitions programme is currently available to receive referrals from GP’s and can help people to:

  • Develop an understanding why they have an eating problem
  • Learn more about themselves challenging interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem and mood intolerance
  • Raise awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food
  • Gain practical skills and techniques to tackle their eating problem
  • Have a space to explore how they can recover and maintain this

My Transitions

What is Online Guided Self Help

A specialised Guided Self Help Intervention for eating disorders. This digital intervention is recommended by NICE for Binge Eating and Bulimia Nervosa.

Delivered over 6 sessions the MyTransitions platform gives people the flexibility to work through the programme in their own time while still getting support along the way.Participants will access the programme via a client profile with a unique client log-in.

Benefits of Self-Guided Help:

GPs have traditionally had a key role to play in eating disorder care.

As part of the HSE’s digital mental health strategy and in line with our National Mental Health Policy – Sharing the Vision, access to a range of counselling supports and talk therapies in community/primary care should be available on the basis of identified need so that all individuals can receive prompt access to accessible care through their GP or Primary Care centre.

Primary care interventions such as; support, self-help and education are also recommended as part of Level 1 of the HSE’s National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorder which promotes access to evidence-based treatment in a timely fashion in the most efficient setting in order to improve outcomes

About the My Transitions Team

Dr Suzanne Heywood-Everett is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has substantial experience working privately and in the NHS with service development, staff wellbeing, outpatients and inpatients at all levels of care and complexity. specialised in eating disorders 

Ursula Philpott is a consultant dietitian based in Leeds. Qualified to work with people of all ages Ursula works across academia the NHS, NHS England and private practice in eating disorders and mental health.

Suzanne and Ursula have worked together clinically for the past 16 years supporting patients with eating disorders, mental health conditions and eating difficulties within the NHS and private settings. They share a passion for working creatively to improve care and treatments for people with eating difficulties. They have redesigned and updated the Guided Self-Help manual to keep in line with the latest research and clinical developments and in 2018 they joined up with the MyTransitions team to co-produce this as a digital resource.

My Transitions have vast experience working with clinicians, commissioners and services to deliver resources and training in guided self-help for eating difficulties. In 2018 Dr Suzanne and  Clinical Psychologist and Ursula Philpott, Consultant Dietician worked with MyTransitions to develop the programme as a digital resource.

 Clinical Supervision.

All of the dedicated guides delivering the MyTransitions programme are clinically supervised by Dr Suzanne Heywood-Everett – Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Suzanne was the Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist at an NHS national specialist service in the North of England for 5 years and prior to this set up a Specialist Community Eating Disorder team. Suzanne specializes in a number of areas including; Eating disorders including ARFID, Disordered eating and Obesity and has had additional training in supervision.

Additional Supports

Bodywhys is funded by the HSE to run the helpline which is delivered by a team of trained volunteers. They also provide a range of support services (support groups, online groups, email and family programmes) for adults and young people with eating disorders, and their families.

  • Phone the Helpine 01 2107906 (Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and Saturday from 10.30am to 12.30pm)
  • Contact for support anytime.
  • Visit

HSE Self Care App which provides valuable information for those with or people caring for someone with an eating disorder.

Read more about the HSE Eating Disorder Self Help App.

Are you ready to refer a patient or client?

MyTransitions Guided Self Help for Eating Disorders is not appropriate for anyone with severe mental health symptoms e.g. psychosis, or if they have expressed wishes and/or plans to end their life or harm others.

MyTransitions Guided Self Help for Eating Disorders is not appropriate for someone who is underweight or rapidly losing weight.

Before referring a patient or client for MyTransitions Guided Self Help for Eating Disorders it is recommended that screening and medical checks have been undertaken by the referring GP in line with ICGP. (2021). ‘Quick Reference Guide – Eating Disorders: Guide to Assessment and Management in Primary Care’.

All people referred must be over 16 years. For those aged 16-18 parental/guardian consent must be given.

Once referrals are submitted they will be reviewed by the MyTransitions Team to allow triaging of candidates as to suitability for GSH. GP’s will be advised which of the outcomes apply to any referral they make to the MyTransitions team.

  1. Suitable for GSH
  2. Further triage by MyTransitions Team as to suitability for GSH and onward to option 1 or 3 as appropriate
  3. Not suitable for GSH and return to GP

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